CCTPTA Public Trustee Forms

Releases of Deeds of Trust

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(Most of these MS Word documents are protected so that they can be used as a template.
It is suggested that you save them as templates and create them using MS Word.
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Pre Sale Documents

Form Description
CN Combined Notice of Rights/Sale
for Mailing – CN
Mail Initial Certificate of Initial Mailing
of CN
Mail 2nd Certificate of Second Mailing
of CN
CN Statutes Legal size Copies of Statutes for
CN mailings
NEWS Combined Notice of Rights/Sale
for Publication – NEWS
Cure Statement Form for Cure Statement
from Holder
Notice Regarding Cure Statement Notice Regarding Cure Statement
from Public Trustee

Sale Day Documents

Form Description
Bid Bid form for Holder
Certificate of Purchase Certificate of Purchase

Post Sale Documents

Form Description
Intent to Redeem Lienor Intent to Redeem
COR Certificate of Redemption
Deed (CFD) Confirmation Deed
Overbid to Owner Notice to owner of possible overbid
Overbid Publication Published notice of unclaimed overbids
exceeding $500.00
Admin Withdrawal Administrative Withdrawal by Public Trustee
Void Admin Withdrawal Notice to void an Administrative Withdrawal
SEA Scrivener’s Error Affidavit from Public Trustee

Other Documents

Form Description
Fee Schedule Schedule of statutory Public Trustee fees
Records Retention Schedule Approved Records Retention Schedule (Link to State Archives Web Site)
Records Retention Summary Summary of Retention Schedule
Syllabus Instructions Syllabus for Educational Sessions
Vendor Presentation Policy Continuing Education Requirements